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 In discussing the world, one cannot escape from talking about the four cardinal points. These are the North, South, East and West poles. These four cardinal points define our planet called Earth.

Now discussing Education, the question to ask is: What are the four cardinal subjects? If Education is defined as the total or all round knowledge given to the learner for development and by extension, security, because education is also for security. Sincerely speaking, Education is for growth, power, security and food because an educated person will always find a way to create food.

Be that as it may, the four cardinal subjects are: Religious Knowledge, Language studies, Arithmetic and Social Studies. These subjects are complete and sufficient for any individual. In fact if schools; pre-primary, primary, and secondary schools offer only these four subjects, the leaner can never be ‘malnourished’.

  • Religious Knowledge will define relationship between the leaner and his/her creator. Here the leaner will learn ‘reverence’, ‘supplication’, ‘prayers’, and appreciation of a supreme Being and the need to honor this supreme Being and by extension the creations of this Supreme Being.
  • Arithmetic will define the beauty of ‘time’, calculations’, and the ability to ‘add up numbers’, will enhance smartness. The learner will not be afraid to make projections concerning his/her future.
  • Social Studies as the name implies, defines the learner as an ‘animal’ that must relate. Man is a member of a society, and society defines man.“ show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”; also “ show me your people and I will tell you the society you come from.” Norms, cultures, practices are all embedded in social studies.
  • Language Studies is the tool for communication and for transaction. Language is the vehicle that moves all that have been discussed above without language, ‘Man is dumb and dumbness’ is synonymous with ‘stupidity’

It is therefore very important for parents to equip their children with language. No matter the language, French, English, Italian, Spanish etc., Language is the identity of man.


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Longe Bolaji (Rt. Hon)

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