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Character as Fate

I believe in predestination, the fact or fiction that a man’s journey of life and his ultimate status in society are predetermined by in exorable natural forces called destiny which operates independently of our consciences and efforts.

Predestination inputes that whatever a man’s character is, he cannot go above or below what fate has put in place for him. So the colloquial language of destiny is that, what will be will surely be.

That is why no one can successfully side track the path or manipulate the destination in which destiny has packaged for Holy rosary Girls College Gwagwalada.

Base on this account, children born into royal families automatically become princes and princess, they have better opportunity and chance to make something good of life than their contemporaries who are born into the ghetto and slum families, but with a high possibility of growing into street urchins, guttersnipes or vagabonds.

Though the hand of destiny is that no child is part of the conjugal contract between husband and wife that gave birth to him. Here the ultimate determinant of one destiny borders on the status of the male and female partners in a given project of pro-creation.

The other aspect of destiny, however, is Character, which becomes an integral component of fate after birth, character means weight, rigour, a sense of moral authority, virtues, being at ease with self and others and with a capacity to motivate, direct, visualize, conceptualize and more fellowship to a desired destination.

But character again, depend on the type of environment in which an individual has been nurtured and groomed. Thus, while parentage is a crucial factor in destiny character is its primary drive.

These account for why given character as fate, princes and princesses could degenerate into fools, imbeciles and vagabonds in spite of their royal background. In human history, there are instances of where children, born into filthy environment grew from grass to grace or from rag to riches.

I have learnt that, success is not measured so much by the position one has reached in life, but over came while trying to succeed.

And the successful man I know is he whose balance sheet reflects the number of people he has helped in life.

The secret of human greatness in history however is the successful people whether born as princes or as slaves should have the ability to identify their mission with moral power of vision as soon as they enter history as adult.


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Ogbole O., Department of Humanities

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