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Discipline means self-control or orderly behavior. It is also the will to accept and submit to authority and control of the society. A disciplined person has been cultured or trained to conduct himself or herself in an orderly manner all the time. People who are disciplined are able to control themselves from engaging in acts that are morally wrong. They tend to obey rules and standards which are set by their society.

To be considered disciplined in the society, we must develop in ourselves acceptable habits. In order words, we should not do things that we know will bring about pain and sadness to the people around us. For example, stealing, bullying, drug trafficking, polluting the environment, etc.

A disciplined person exhibits the following qualities. He or she:

  • Is honest and tolerant
  • Is orderly
  • Has respect for legitimate authority
  • Is patient
  • Has respect for rules and regulations

When most people in a society lack self-control, the society tends to be indiscipline. The quest to make Nigeria a disciplined society has been on for a long time, hence many regimes have, over the year, come up with different names for the process. For example, Major General J.T.U Aguisi Ironsi came up with “Change in Nigerian attitude”, President Shahu Shagari came up with “Ethical Revolution” while Major General Mohammadu Buhari came up with “War against Indiscipline (WAI)”


The consequences of indiscipline in our society can be seen in the following areas:

  • Retarded development in our country
  • Corruption
  • Bad leadership
  • Disturbance of peace and order.

Benefits of a society depends on the type of people who inhabit that society. Any society with a large number of people who are disciplined will benefit greatly from its orderliness.

These benefits are:

  • Peace and harmony in the land.
  • Right atmosphere for development and prosperity.

To be disciplined is not foolishness, so learn self-control at all time.


Author info: 
Mr. Adinor Isaac, Humanity Department.

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